Case Study

Manchester Fort Shopping Park

At Manchester Fort Shopping Park, the Centre Manager has engaged with the retailers on waste management initiatives to increase recycling and improving the collection procedure. The programme allows for bespoke collections to be implemented for individual tenants resulting in better cost analysis of the waste management services provided.

The need

Manchester Fort Shopping Park is a 325,000 sq ft shopping park owned by TH Real Estate. Workman, the largest, independent commercial property management and building consultancy firm in the UK, are the managing agents.

The shopping park’s management team, in partnership B&M Waste Services, reviewed the waste strategy in order to meet a number of key objectives that were identified including:

Improving the efficiency of waste collections by replacing the many small containers with fewer larger containers, thereby improving the housekeeping on site
Lowering carbon emissions through reducing the number of waste vehicles visiting the site and causing less disruption by visiting outside core operational hours

Increasing recycling rates through better waste segregation and avoiding the contamination of waste streams
Introducing cost efficiencies

The solution

An experienced B&M Key Account Manager was appointed and immediately conducted a full site waste audit and risk assessment which resulted in the drawing up of a formal Service Improvement Plan. The plan detailed agreed changes that would ensure a smooth transition from the previous service, with new appropriate innovations that could be introduced with minimal impact on the park’s daily operations.

Before project roll-out, a representative from each of the park’s tenants attended a meeting where they were given a detailed training pack outlining all the new facilities. This encouraged buy-in of the new waste management system from all the tenants.

New colour coded Rear End Loader (REL) containers were introduced to separate waste streams, including general waste, food waste, paper and cardboard. These were strategically placed in key locations throughout the Fort’s service area. A pallet weighing system was introduced into the waste compound and all bins are now tagged with a Radio Frequency ID system (RFID) which allows each tenant to be monitored for their own waste from the data which is fed back to Manchester Fort from weighing each individual bin.

Due to loading time inefficiencies the original mill-size vertical baler was replaced with a horizontal baler and bin-tipping system. Baled commodities including plastic and cardboard are revenue generating and this offsets the cost of the waste management on-site.

To further reduce time spent by operatives moving waste from the front of the premises to the rear waste compound, B&M introduced their latest innovation ‘Ethel’ the electric truck. This plug-in vehicle emits zero emissions into the environment and decreases the amount of time spent moving the bins around site. This also increases cost efficiencies.

By replacing large quantities of wheelie bins with a compactor, B&M was able to dramatically reduce the waste collection frequency from three times per week to just once a week, thereby successfully reducing the scheme’s overall carbon footprint.

The Results

More than 79,000KG of waste is collected in a year, all of which is diverted from landfill. Increased recycling rates have been achieved in plastics and card. Recovery rates have been improved by directing food waste through anaerobic digestion whilst only the remaining residual waste is directed to a waste to energy incinerator as RDF.

Additionally, the Fort’s carbon footprint has been enhanced by the reduction in the number of waste collections required at the site, delivering the added benefit of reducing the service charge costs to retailers at the park.

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