Case Study

HUSCO International

The Client

HUSCO International is a privately-owned company specialising in hydraulic and electro-mechanical control systems. It has over 70 years of experience designing and manufacturing components for Automotive and Off-Highway equipment.

HUSCO’s Off-Highway team is based at HUSCO International’s European headquarters in Runcorn where it specialises in customised hydraulic solutions for agricultural, construction, material handling and commercial equipment. Its business model is simple: to develop innovative, robust solutions that add value for the end-user. Whether HUSCO is refining an existing technology or creating something entirely new, developing the best possible solution requires finding creative ways to address its customers’ needs while upholding rigorous standards for manufacturing quality. So it was in the same vein that B&M Waste Services approached the waste strategy in order to deliver the company’s environmental and sustainability ambitions.

The Need

B&M Waste Services began providing a total waste management solution to HUSCO in 2016 when a free site survey and waste audit was undertaken to gain a thorough understanding of HUSCO’s waste management requirements. From this, a proposal was compiled, detailing a bespoke, innovative total waste management solution tailored to the company’s unique needs.

The B&M solution was designed to significantly improve HUSCO’s environmental impact, reduce its carbon footprint and ensure that 100% of its waste was diverted from landfill. In the past, HUSCO had recycled a very small percentage of the waste it generated and staff possessed only limited knowledge of how its waste was disposed of. This was complicated further as it was using some 11 different waste contractors to manage each different waste stream and this needed to be better managed.

B&M Waste Services was also tasked with identifying ways to save time, space and money and how best to educate HUSCO teams about waste management, recycling and waste disposal.

The Solution

Being that all UK businesses have a duty of care to ensure that any waste produced is disposed of using a licensed professional waste carrier, one of the first steps in the new waste management programme was to replace the existing 11 waste contractors with B&M Waste Services as the sole service provider.

B&M was then able to provide the equipment and other means to store, collect and dispose of each different waste stream effectively and compliantly. For the site’s general waste, a compactor was installed and once full, was collected and the contents transported to a refuse derived fuel facility where it is used to create energy. The mixed wood waste and steel swarf was collected and sent for recycling at a local reprocessing facility.

The Results

Working together, B&M Waste Services and HUSCO have achieved the goal of diverting 100% of its waste from landfill and monthly environmental reports generated by B&M ensure that detailed information is conveyed to HUSCO teams. The reports also ensure that processes and results can be closely monitored and levels of recycling and landfill diversion are maintained.

Mixed wood and steel swarf are 2 main waste streams collected from HUSCO with wood waste accounting for 33% and metal 67% of total waste collected from the site. In March 2021, B&M Waste collected 3580KG of mixed wood and 7140KG of steel swarf, 100% of which was sent for recycling.

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