Carbon Neutrality.

Monitoring Our Environmental Impact.

We believe in setting an example with our own environmental performance and we have been working with Carbon Footprint Ltd, a leading carbon management company, to monitor our own footprint. This includes offsetting our carbon footprint and monitoring our carbon emission avoided by diverting waste from landfill. We are currently working to lower the emissions of our fleet and have invested in hybrid electric vehicles and a charging point for our staff vehicles.

Last year alone saw B&M offset over 1248 tonnes of Carbon, which is equivalent to over 4.1 million miles being driven in an average car, or to consider it another way, is the equivalent of 520 cars being taken off the roads.

We use our carbon management commitment to encourage customers to strengthen their own environmental approach. By helping our customers to segregate their waste where technically, environmentally and economically practical, we are able to divert as much waste from landfill as possible.

Carbon Neutrality (PAS 2060).

Since 2011, B&M Waste Services have achieved carbon neutrality to the British Standards Industry (BSI)’s Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 2060. In the last 8 years, we have offset just under 20,000 tonnes CO2e by supporting projects in the UK and across the globe. These include supporting UK tree planting in schools and other locations, as well as Landfill Gas Recovery Programmes in Turkey and Indonesia. Also, we have supported a biogas project in Vietnam, renewable energy projects in India, China and Brazil as well as an Avoiding Deforestation Project in Brazil. Within the developing countries, we have supported education and welfare as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This year – our 8th year of carbon neutrality – we will offset our carbon emissions through a UK Tree Planting and Protecting the Amazon Programme. For each tCO2e offset, one tree is planted in the UK and an additional tCO2e is offset through the Brazilian Amazon Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) project to guarantee the emission reductions.

Business Carbon Management.

We work with Carbon Footprint Ltd to assess the carbon footprint of our company. We have a formal Carbon Management Plan which we work to and which documents our carbon reduction targets year-on-year and we also encourage our customers to do the same.

Service Carbon Footprint Assessment.

As part of our service, B&M Waste Services provides customers with environmental reports. By using the detail on these reports, we have been able to calculate the amount of carbon that is offset by diverting each customer’s waste from landfill. This number is represented pictorially by number of trees on each report and by the equivalent number of car miles saved. Carbon reporting means that our customers can in turn prove that they are taking steps to find sustainable waste management solutions.

Carbon Neutrality For Secure Shredding – The First of Its Kind.

In 2019, the confidential waste arm of our business, B&M Secure Shredding, became Carbon Neutral, making us the first shredding business in the country to achieve such an accolade and in 2020, we were awarded Carbon Neutral Plus status. Being Carbon Neutral reassures our customers that not only are they complying with GDPR through using our Secure Shredding service, but they have peace of mind that they’re working with a company that does all we can to reduce the environmental impact of our operations. Innovative solutions and delivering the best possible service is what we do, and leading the way in the shredding industry with this accreditation, demonstrates our commitment to this, whilst as ever, we remain competitively priced.

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