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English Provender Company Recycling Success

English Provender Company Recycling SuccessEnglish Provender Company (EPC) supply the largest food manufacturers and retailers with the highest quality of authentic dressings and condiments.

Before working with B&M, EPC disposed of all their waste in the same way, food waste and plastics were going in to the same bin and very little was being recycled meaning the majority of the waste was going to landfill.

B&M visited the EPC site and assessed the waste streams which allowed a thorough understanding of the customer’s needs. Once these were known, suggestions and changes were implemented, all of which would dramatically improve the current recycling levels. The new suggestions wouldn’t only improve recycling but also divert much more waste away from landfill, saving both money and the environment.

Since starting work with B&M Waste Services EPC have been introducing and installing a range of equipment. Where originally everything went in the same bin there are now separate bins for food, general, plastic, card and even rinsed pails and lids are now collected separately. More segregated waste means a higher recycling rate, which in turn means less waste is going to landfill which decreases the company’s carbon emissions.

In addition to segregating the waste on-site, a baler has been installed for the plastic waste. Baled waste is more economic to collect and transport than waste in bins and containers. This is down to fewer collections and vehicles being needed to collect the bales. One truck will arrive when required and take several clean bales straight to a recycling facility in just one collection. This saves EPC money while reducing their carbon emissions.

In addition to the new service and implementation of balers and on-site segregation, B&M Waste Services provided EPC with training for staff to ensure the most is made from the new service. To encourage segregation within the workplace EPC received bespoke training posters as a visual aid to remind staff of the process in place, and the contribution their efforts make to minimising waste.

EPC will be able to track where their waste has gone and how much has been recycled through the bespoke environmental reports they will receive. B&M Waste will continue to work with EPC to further increase recycling. Through the introduction of additional services such as Secure Shredding or Hazardous waste collections as B&M will strive to achieve 100% diversion from landfill for EPC.

Jim Cameron, Production Administrator at English Provender said “Working with B&M Waste has proven to be hassle free with excellent reliability of service. The culture of our two business’ align as B&M is Carbon Neutral and family run, and we are also family run, and have a great involvement with the community. We are looking to jointly plant trees with B&M and the local school as a community initiative. Since working with B&M Waste, we have considerably improved our recycling and segregation methods on site. We have always taken pride in recycling but B&M take us one step further and offer the latest innovations and carbon reducing methods to keep us, here at EPC, ahead of the game.”

Bobby Potter, Sales Manager at B&M Waste Services, said “It’s great to work with such a forward thinking company that is open to change. Improving on site segregation and increasing diversion from landfill levels is important in any company and English Provender are leading the way and setting the bar high for other companies. We look forward to continuing to work together to increase recycling levels further and protect the environment.”

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