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B&M Waste Services Get Top Marks with Parrs Wood High School

Carbon Neutral waste management business, B&M Waste Services, has partnered with Parrs Wood High School to achieve incredible environmental results including zero waste to landfill and carbon savings equating to 2000 trees.

Working with the Greater Manchester school for a number of years, B&M Waste has added a roster of green benefits as well as offering a competitive waste management solution. Before working with B&M, Parrs Wood had no recycling in place but were keen to change that through the introduction of The Co2 Team; a group of highly engaged students working to make the school more sustainable. B&M Waste – and specifically Account Manager, Ian McKenzie – worked closely with The CO2 Team to identify what could be improved and, crucially, how it could be driven by the students.

Parrs Wood High School now has 5 on-site FELs, 10 shredding consoles and 75 paper-specific bins to ensure waste is properly segregated and students are made aware of the importance of recycling. In addition to this, B&M Waste has supported environmental publicity campaigns with the school, offered prize incentives to raise awareness and even helped the school receive an award from the House of Commons for their environmental work.

Tony Way, Site & Facilities Manager for Parrs Wood, said; “I’ve not found any other company that gives the bespoke service we require” whilst Emma Foster, Director of Faculty Technology added; “The relationship with our Account Manager is open and honest. He’s easy to contact and we’ve no problems. In fact, most of our conversations are about how we can do even better.”

Ian McKenzie added; “Parrs Wood are a fantastic client to work with; their values are aligned with our own and they’re so keen to continually improve. They’re constantly striving to do more for both the environment and their students. I’m excited to see how we can take this partnership even further – with the students in the driving seat.”

Watch the full Parrs Wood case study video here.

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